Sunday, June 8, 2008

Pictures of Edwina

Janet Jendron, LLLI Alumnae Association member and former LLLI Board member, has created a website with more pictures of Edwina:


donna said...

To Edwina's personal family and to her founding mothers' family I wish to convey my deepest condolences on her passing.
May you all be comforted among the mourners of Zion and may you know no more sorrow.

Donna Ron

Paola Mazzinghi said...

I don't know how to start this message... I don't know english so well to explain all my feelings...
Without Edwina and the other six women now I wouldn't be the same person as I am now. LLL has changed my life.
Thank you, Edwina, thank you so much. It's fantastic how from a little group of women started this great association, which is changing the whole world... "one mother and one child at a time"

Ginny said...

It is sad to read of Edwina's death today.
I am in England and a LLL leader for 29years still helping mothers and babies breastfeed, in the way Edwina and the other Founders of LLL started to do back in the 1950s when I was a little girl.
I send my sympathy to her family and to the other Founders. And my admiration and appreciation of all her commitment to Mothering Through Breastfeeding. May she rest in peace. LLL Love Ginny Eaton.

Heather said...

I had the good fortune of meeting Edwina in the Founder's Room at the International Conference last year. Her compassion and acceptance was touching, and her spirit inspiring. She will be missed.

Ann said...

I have struggled all morning to come up with words to express the depth of my sadness at Edwina's passing, and my gratitude to her for her dedication to breastfeeding mothers, words to adequately express my thanks for her devotion to us all. Suddenly I realized why I cannot find the right words: There Are No Words equal to the measure of that devotion.

Love, hugs, and prayers,
Ann Lillich, Cimarron, Colorado

Gretchen Scheel said...

Our thoughts and prayers of peace go out to Edwina's family. She was such a gift to mother's around the world. If not for the Founders starting LLL my own family story would be very different. I have the joy of co-leading with my mom who has been a LLL leader for more than 35 years and my children have benefitted from the wisedome and encouragement that LLL has offered to so many. Thank you for the legacy of LLL, Edwina. You will be missed.

Gretchen Scheel

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all Edwina!
Be in peace, now.
We will continue on your step for the mothers and their children all over the world.
Lot of love
Sophie Chevalier, France

Anonymous said...

Words can never completely express what a community feels when someone so loved leaves this world. She will live on in our hearts and minds and in the everyday work the LLL does on a daily basis.
To her family thank you for sharing Edwina with us, she taught us so much and gave even more. I am saddened by her passing, but thankful that in some small way we share a vision. My deepest condolences to all of you on her passing. May the Lord's peace abide in all of you.

Teresa Heredia & family said...

Thank you very much to God for he gave us an special woman:Edelwina.
I am better than before,I am sure because LLL changes many things in my life,like professional as person. Thank you so much for all you experience, advices, vision and ministry. You will be always in the heart of many mothers like me.
We love you forever,
Teresa Heredia and family. (Perú)

Rainbow Recognizer said...

What an amazingly beautiful woman - inside and out! I love the fact that her son is planning a Celebration of her life and that she still shines through her family that remains. Thank you, Edwina, thank you. My love to all concerned!
Amy Bush Bradley

Anonymous said...

thank you Edwina for helping me, helping a lot of mothers all over the world, thanks to all LLL members wich I can describe as a family.

Pam Oselka, 35 Yr. Leader said...

The loving example of Edwina, and the other co-Founders, as well as the founding of La Leche League, certainly changed my life. Our family life has been forever impacted. We all send our love and sincere condolences to the Froehlich family. Thanks to Edwina for her wisdom, her presence, her strength, and her commitment to families worldwide.
Pam Oselka

Dr, Max R. Ramirez said...

Estimadas Amigas
Sirvanse recibir mis condolencias por tan sensible perdida material, el legado de la Sra Froelich, es inmenso, de gran riqueza para la humanidad, ella enseño, hizo resurgir al genero humano a traves de la mejor alimentacion, se enfrento a los grandes intereses en bien del interes comun de los humanos.
En Panama donde el año pasado perdimos tambie a nuestra lider Lic Cristina Carles, nos recuerda a esas bellas personas, lideres del mundo.
Dr. Max R Ramirez

Tina Nyirenda said...

When I first met her together with the other 6, at the first conference I attended I knew I was in the right place, the zeal and determination to support, protect, and promote exclusive breastfeeding, for mothers to optimally breastfeed their babies.These are the women we need, who stand their ground to the end. please lets emulate their good example.

Tina Nyirenda once Area Coordinator of Leaders in Africa and the Middle East except South Africa.Now Chairperson for IBFAN Zambia and LLL at heart.

Doreen said...

I met Edwina at the International LLL Conference in Washington D.C. in 1996. I was so impressed. All the founding Mothers had to be strong and have vision - but Edwina simply radiated love, confidence, wisdom, and prescience. LLL was a saving grace in my life when I had my daughter. I have a strong bond with her and wonderful memories of our nursing years thanks to LLL. THANK YOU, Edwina, for all you did to create and make strong this wonder organization.

Doreen Luke, Gahanna, Ohio

Beth from Florida said...

My deepest condolences to Edwina's family. She and the other founding mothers of La Leche League truly changed my life. May she ever be remembered and her life celebrated!

Eileen Walvoord said...

To Edwina's family: Please accept my sincerest condolences. Edwina was a very special woman whose efforts have had a profound effect on so many, many mothers and so many, many babies. I am one of those mothers and my children were some of those babies. Thanks to Edwina's courage and committment, I found the confidence to mother my babies through breastfeeding and to listen to my heart as they grew into young children, then adolescents, and now young adults. She was an extraordinary individual and I am forever grateful to have read her words and heard her speak. Please know that my family and I share your sorrow.

Eileen Walvoord
Evanston, IL

Kathy DeWine said...

May God be with you all as you grow through your experiences of grief. May the seeds of goodness and wisdom planted in your hearts by Edwina sprout in their own season and grow healthy; may women, babies, and families continue to thrive according to the Divine Design of a loving God through the participation in grace of men and women who do their part so faithfully as this woman and her friends. I am one whose life was changed dramatically by my contact with La Leche League women and their Womanly Art of Breastfeeding. love, Kathy DeWine

adith said...

It is with great regret that we now have had to let go of one of our founding mothers. She will rest in peace knowing that she has made such a difference in the world

My sincere conolences to all the family and LLL families

Adith Stoneman, LLL Leader, Kelston, Auckland, New Zealand

Anonymous said...

In a study I'm participating in, I had to write down 10 things to be grateful for. What made an amazing difference in my life or bring me joy and peace and love.

In reflecting on my life and the person I became, I had to count LaLeche League as one of the top 10(League Leader 30 years ago).

I decided to visit the website this morning to reflect and found this post. I just wanted to share my thoughts and reflections with the family and all who loved and respected Edwina.

My sincere condolences to all who are feeling the impact of the loss of Edwina. And in the next breath, praise and celebration for her life.

Edwina and the other 6 have made such a difference in my life, my children's lives, and the lives of so many people in this world. We have been truly blessed to have had such a remarkable, and caring person help us all.

Praise God for allowing us to have her 93 years and that she was such a blessing to all who knew her, or were impacted by her presence here on earth.

God's peace,

Diane Hussey